Changzhou Bestex Co. Ltd. was founded in 1999, built on the strength of a single office and 10 dedicated employees. Today, we are one of the leading apparel suppliers in the city of Changzhou, China. Our factory and trading company employ over 600 people. We are able to maintain and monitor our high-quality goods by owning our garment, knit weave, print and thread making factories.

Our products are designed with contemporary styles in mind - a variety of designs, style, and colors - for both men and women. Our product ranges include tops, shorts, t-shirts, polos, athletic wear, dress, sweaters and jeans. We supply high-quality fashion all over the world but more particularly for North American and European clients.

Xin Xue Lian is a clothing store, primarily targeting the young women (age 22 - 35) demographic. Founded in 2014 as a subsidiary of Bestex Co. Ltd. .Xing Xue Lian currently has online store facing worldwide consumers. Its dedicated group creates, designs, produces, markets and distributes a constantly evolving collection to a large network. The brand’s core strength is rooted in a solid understanding of its customer. 




Xin Xue Lian 

As sub-company of Bestex Co. Ltd, Baysong was was established on 2007 in Canada. The company is to provide services for trading projects of Bestexc Co. Ltd. in North America, as well as to provide high quality customer services of contracted projects. As the representative of Bestex in Canada, it highly engages in the development of North America market. The company works closely with North American clients, and built a favorable platform for the communication and cooperation between manufacturers and local retailers. It had become a business center, sales center and service center of  Bestex Co. Ltd in Canada.

William's Anna

William's Anna, the casual lifestyle brand since 2013 has grown into a label that perfectly combines fashion and comfort for urban young women. It provides affordable trends that allow customers to go from the office to a girls' night in town, or a casual weekend, with an urban flare.